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Onboarding and culture

Centering culture

Do you ever struggle to center culture development for yourself and your team? Nonprofits and foundations often prioritize external work at the expense of internal development. Whether intentionally or not, you are building your organization’s culture.




We advocate for organizations to create safe cultures where growth is integrated and enables your team to fully show up.

Culture development

We partner with you on the evaluation and design work of a culture that most authentically represents your nonprofit’s DNA and the expression of your mission. Then we help you foster the adoption of leadership and team habits so you can achieve your culture vision.

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Executive onboarding can feel like being thrown into the deep end.
What if it could be a gentle wade?

​Executive onboarding can be a set of tasks to get through. What if it could be the foundation of a culture of belonging and connection?

​Executive onboarding can be centralized and individualistic. What if it could be collaborative, strengthening internal and external relationships?

We lead work focused on onboarding practices in foundations and nonprofits.

We even led some of the only work focused on onboarding specific to foundations and nonprofits. From supporting the assimilation of a new executive to helping reimagine your onboarding process and its impact on your culture and impact. You have thoughtfully built a wonderful team and we want to help your staff integrate and thrive.

Leadership coaching

Grow your professional skills, increase personal success, and connect your work to your life’s purpose. We provide coaching for leaders of all types and especially love working with individuals who want to live out their personal mission.

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