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A connected executive search

A successful hire merges two stories—your organization’s and your new leader’s.

Within those stories is the connection of mission and culture. 

To get the connection right, we bring our understanding of philanthropy and nonprofits to a proven process that prioritizes understanding the drivers—both yours and the candidates'. Our approach is high-touch, and we start with listening. 

Overwhelmingly, our placements tell us that they feel supported in their new roles and that the search process was a positive experience where they felt valued. 

We look for culture add. 

We partner with you to find candidates who will strengthen your organization. We’ll walk you through the discernment process of finding your next leader. 


We live and breathe nonprofits and specialize in finding qualified leaders who align with your organization’s purpose.


We tell the full story.

We value the stories of our partners and our candidates. Your why and your how make you unique.

We are all more than words on a page. Most resumes don't tell a candidate's full story, and qualified candidates can be overlooked. Part of our job is making sure each candidate's backstory is shared. Like the communities you serve, people are more than our assumptions. 


Our core belief that each person is equally valuable is what drives us to listen more and to help our search committees ask better and deeper questions about each candidate.

Search is our business. 

A job description is just the start. We are looking for candidates who can help solve challenges now, and who will help move your organization forward. We also want to talk with leaders to tap into their networks and learn more about their work so we can bring it back to our clients.


Assembling a diverse pool of experienced candidates requires time and intentionality in order to funnel your organization's culture and priorities out to leaders who might add to your work. 

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