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There's a lot of talk about DEI. What roles do executive search and leadership development play in creating a workplace where people feel that they belong?  Teams reflect culture, and culture is an active demonstration of what is valued in each organization. Intentional Works partners with you to help define your current culture and map a path to developing the culture you and your team deserve. We do this through executive search and through leadership and culture development. 

We work with nonprofits and for-profit groups who want to be intentional about creating spaces where everyone is valued.  Our statistics in placing women and minorities in leadership roles speak for themselves. But you can't hire diverse candidates if you're not presented with a candidate slate that values a variety of perspectives, backgrounds and experiences. This is why search consultants are crucial partners in crafting work culture.

Intentional Works specializes in finding leaders for corporate DEI, foundation and social responsibility roles and for nonprofit CEOs and EDs. We also work with you to help shape your culture. Let us help you develop a genuine culture of belonging. 

diverse inclusion leadership consultant
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