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We help organizations find and live their purpose. Intentional Works offers a variety of leadership assessments plus executive coaching and organizational coaching.


Why do people want to work for you? Does your organization have a mission statement, and are you living it? Sometimes teams lose their sense of direction.

Harvard Business Review tells us the number one reason people leave their jobs is because of culture. Without intention, culture can become something that harms your business instead of supporting it. Intentional Works helps groups shape culture in two concordant ways.  We teach leaders to embrace their strengths and to lead in a way that helps their teams feel included and valued.  We also guide organizations through a process to help define and align to their internal and external missions.

Intentional Works gathers data about the true culture of the organization and facilitates discussion to understand what the data mean.  We partner with you to use this data to help shape mission. 

IW also administers individual assessments for leadership to focus on the strengths already in place. The goal isn't to make people more of one "type" and less of another.  We have a proven plan for creating engaged leadership and high-functioning teams with deep satisfaction in their jobs and work culture.

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