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Transforming the organizations that transform the world.

Intentional Works specializes in leading social impact organizations through executive search

with an emphasis on work culture transformation.


We're called Intentional Works because that's the foundation of everything we do - being intentional about change is the only way to actively transform. We focus our work in two streams that often converge: targeted executive search with guidance throughout onboarding, and leadership development to help intentionally transform the impact of your mission, both inside your organization and in the community.  All of our work is driven by our commitment to build diverse and inclusive work cultures where everyone feels that they belong and are valued.

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From Harvard Business Review to McKinsey, the research shows that most organizations are unprepared for a leadership transition. Intentional Works specializes in finding inspirational social impact leaders. We partner with boards and executive teams to guide succession from the inside out, preparing staff and developing transparency about the change process. It's our mission to support your mission.

Great leaders are intentional about their growth and process. We guide leadership teams to create highly communicative and effective groups who are focused and understand not only the mission of the organization but each other. Through assessment and leadership coaching, we elevate the traits leaders already demonstrate and address the growth areas.  If we're being intentional about organizational transformation, let's be intentional about developing our leaders.

We are committed to equity and diversity but on a deeper level, we strive for work cultures that actively seek belonging for each and every employee. The people you place in leadership roles will set the tone for what is valued. Executive search is just one piece of the puzzle. We partner with you to take an honest look at where you are, then help you create a stategy for creating an organizational culture where everyone feels valued. 

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Intentional Works is a team with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We have decades of experience in search, leadership and culture development. We're committed to enhancing our communities and bringing out the best in teams and individuals. 


976 Brady Avenue NW

Suite 100

Atlanta, GA 30318

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